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True Meaning of Faith in God God Made Heaven, Earth and All Things for Man God Becomes Flesh to Save Mankind Emulate the Lord Jesus Always Keep Normal Relations With God Christ Is the Incarnate God Himself (Version 2) God's Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind The Importance of God's Words God Has Brought Man Into a New Age Obey God Become Flesh and Be Made Perfect God's Essence Truly Exists The Whole Earth Shall Rejoice and Praise God God Has Given All His Love to Humanity God’s Perfect Care Over All God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit The Substance of Christ Is God Only Those Who Accept the Truth Can Hear God’s Voice Only Almighty God Can Save Man God’s Two Incarnations Are for Man’s Salvation God's Work Is Always New and Never Old God Hopes for Man to Truly Repent Live in God’s Words to Have the Work of the Holy Spirit A Proper Spiritual Life Must Always Be Upheld How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will Only Those Who Practice the Truth Can Bear Witness in Trials God Made Heaven, Earth and All Things for Man Only God Loves Man Most How Important God’s Love for Man Is God Treats Man as His Dearest One The True Embodiment of the Creator’s Authority How to Search for God’s Footprints God Is Seeking Those Who Thirst for His Appearance Only by Fearing God Can Evil Be Shunned God Saves Those Who Worship God and Shun Evil The Life of Man is Entirely Under God's Sovereignty God is the Sole Sovereign of Man's Fate